Challenge your friends in this simple mobile arcade game!
Pirate Diamonds


The gameplay of Pirate Diamonds is as simple as it gets: Sort white and black diamonds. White ones go to the left and black ones to the right.

Controls are equally simple:

  • Click/touch the screen or keys on the right side of your device, to make diamonds go to the right.
  • Click/touch the screen or keys on the left side of your device, to make diamonds go to the left.
  • Or click/touch the screen or keys in the vertical center of your device to toggle direction.

The controls will appear anywhere you touch the screen. If you only use the right and left arrow, the middle arrow will disappear after a while. Likewise if you only use the middle arrow to control the ramp, the other two will disappear after a while.

One game has a duration of about 3 minutes tops - if you manage to sort all of the diamonds.

This makes Pirates Diamonds an ideal game for those small daily breaks you might have while waiting for the bus, sitting in the waiting-room at the doctor, taking a break at work, etc.


The very first diamond you sort correctly, will give you 1 point. The next one will give you 2 points, and the next 3 points etc. In short, the longer you can go without making a mistake, the more points you'll get.

When you sort a diamond to the wrong side, you will lose 3% energy and the point-system will drop 25%. (Meaning, you will not lose points. You'll just get less points for the next correctly sorted diamond). When you have sorted all of the diamonds, you will be awarded with bonus points for your remaining energy.


During the game, various powerups will appear.

will automatically sort all diamonds correctly for you for a limited time
will multiply all future points with the bonus factor. You can reach a bonus factor of 8!
will make all diamonds the same color for a limited time
will give you an energy boost
will give you a small energy boost
will slow down the tempo of the falling diamonds
will give you 12.500 points (multiplied by the bonus factor)

Powerups are also either white or black, and will need to be sorted correctly to activate it. Sorting a powerup to the wrong side will not cost you any energy though.